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AussiDOG's Pretty Patches "Ollie"

Pretty Patches, call name Ollie, is that dog that will always put a smile on your face and is wicked smart.  She is also energetic, playful, cuddly and obedient.  Every morning she jumps in bed and will cuddle with you until you’re ready to get up.  She loves attention, playing with her people and other animals.  When she was a puppy she very quickly learned all the basic commands and even taught herself how to ring a bell to go potty.  She loves skateboarding and playing with other dogs, going for long walks, and fetch.  Although she has a good amount of energy, she follows the pace of her human companions and will be just as happy cuddling.  She is the light in the room and even on the worst days can bring a smile to your face.  Her physical traits are unique with black and white parti patches, soft wavy fleece coats and perfect conformed proportions.  This little parti lady has it all and we cannot wait to see her beautiful puppies.

Ollie's photo gallery


Pedigree available upon request

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