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AussiDog Cobberdogs (Widely known in the U.S as Australian Labradoodles) - About Us

We are a small home-based “boutique” breeder of Australian Cobberdogs : (widely known in the U.S. as Australian Labradoodle) based in the west suburbs of Chicago near the scenic Fox River community. This all started for us in 2005 first with our girl, Scout Josephine, bred from GlenEden’s American champion line in the U.S. and was quickly followed by our medium red boy, Tegan Alexander, with ancestry from the founding breeding facilities in Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, Australia where the breed started over 3 decades ago. Our dogs and pups have been given the best possible veterinary care and nutrition. We care about each and every puppy that has been or will be adopted, as if it were our own. We feel that our approach to integrate them fully with family and give lots of love and attention enables the best possible start. We hope you will continue this throughout their lives.

Discovering Australian Cobberdogs for us was, and continues to be, a fabulous and rewarding journey beyond our expectations. We believe every child should have a dog in their life. Numerous life lessons are taught to children when they are young and grow up with a pet. Nurturing, responsibility, respect for animals, caring for others, dependency, loyalness, security, confidence, behavior training, reward systems and pure joy to name just a few.

In 2005 crushed by the thought we could not add a dog to our family due to our eldest daughter’s extreme allergies that undoubtedly would require her to be on medication year round with a pet or worse yet trigger an asthma attack, we started to research a breed we had heard lots about and actually had the joy to see one first hand – an Australian Cobberdog.  We started with a simple online search that quickly turned into books, articles, magazines, phone calls, emails, history, lineage, F1, F2, F1B, multi-gens and then different coats, colors, sizes, temperaments, non allergenic features and on. We were determined not to get a dog, love it, and later have to give it up due to allergies. So we researched, and researched, and researched until we were 100% convinced our pet would be here to stay.


Nearly 5 months later we had a new family addition — Scout Josephine, a small medium, wool coat, apricot/cream female with an AKC champion American bloodline (Labrador and Poodle sides). In my husband’s words, “She is an absolute gem”. A loving, playful, intelligent, gentle and kind dog that does not shed, is non allergenic and non aggressive. Indeed, the perfect pet. One year later we found her soul mate — Tegan Alexander, a small medium, fleece coat, red male with Australian bloodline and ancestry from the founding breeding facility in Tegan Park, Australia more the 25 years ago. Tegan is an extremely intelligent, charming, comical, attentive, loyal, snuggly, and protective addition to our family. He also does not shed, is non allergenic, and non aggressive. It didn’t take long for us to decide other families should have the joy and rewards they have brought ours. The American Champion line infused with a strong Australian line has brought out the best of both worlds; different but complimentary characteristics to their pups and families seeking the “perfect pet”. 

Due to popular demand over the years we have added several breeding females and males to our program all of whom are meticulously chosen for their health, temperament, character, coat, and size. We specialize in breeding mini to medium size Australian Cobberdog puppies with sizes ranging 20-45lbs and 14-23” high to shoulder with non shedding silky fleece coats. We are honored to be part of your selection for a new family member and take the role to be your Breeder quite seriously.

Our Australian Cobberdogs come to you with our love, early care and training plus a full 2 health year guarantee. 

  • Extensive socialization to people, including daily visits with children from 7yrs – early adult, see photo gallery for this in action.

  • Confidence building

  • Puppy field commands and obedience training using rewards and praise

  • Genetic testing

  • Hips scored by Penn-Hip


The gentleness, kindness, intelligence, and social skills of the Australian Cobberdog is wonderfully suited for therapy work or a cherished family pet and companion and is the gold standard for Cobberdogs worldwide.

For full details about our dogs see Our Girls or Our Boys

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