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Guardian Homes for Cobberdogs (Widely known in the U.S. as Australian Labradoodles)

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
- Anonymous Author

What is a Guardian Home?

We love all of our dogs, but cannot possibly keep all of them with us in our home. Our breeding dogs all live in loving homes as family pets where they receive all the love and affection they deserve. Our guardian home families are carefully selected and commit to take excellent care of our breeding dogs with specified instructions. Breeding dogs come back to us for a short period of time while breeding takes place, health testing and then up to 7 weeks to give birth for females.  Our guardian dogs reflect the best of the breed and are not for sale.  They live and stay with their forever guardian families once they are done breeding and taking care of their puppies.  Once their breeding period and/or number of litters is complete, they are spayed or neutered and full ownership is transferred to the guardian home.

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