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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." 
~ Roger Caras

Below are some of the follow-up stories we've received from our clients

July 2018

Pippin continues to be a delight!


He is so smart and so sweet. He’s the perfect little package...hovering

right around 14/15 pounds, I think. 


Everyone adores him. Here is in hanging out with me at the park by the library.

Heather M.

May 2017

Hi Debbie,Just wanted to check back in with you! Gatsby's doing great and is such a sweet, happy, and playful puppy! He definitely still has a ton of energy, but for the most part is so well behaved and really is just an allaround great dog. It's safe to say he definitely was the missing piece to our family.Thanks again and Happy Memorial Day!
Warm regards,

January 2017

Hi Deborah!


You may or may not remember me, I am Winston’s owner, Amelia! I thought that I owed you a thank you and some pictures of my loyal, loving, and cute best friend, Winston. The first time I saw the fluffy, tiny puppy I had no clue the impact he would have in my life. He is the worst thing to leave in the morning and the best thing to come home to. He never fails to make me smile, laugh, or grin. I think that he may feel the same way about me for, he follows me around wherever I go! There has not been a time when he will let me go anywhere by myself! I am so lucky to have him there always by my side. This is why when my cousins wanted a dog I just had to fill them in on Aussie Dog. At first they were not to sure about the breed but after my cousin slept over and spent time with Winston she was sold. The Bickers are getting a dog in March. Even better it will be Winston’s half sister! They both share Ellie as a mom. I can’t wait for them to experience the joys of such a loving animal. Overall, I just wanted to say thank you for such a blessing!

Amelia & WInston

July 10, 2011

Hi Debbie,


the little guy is doing well although he isn't so little anymore. Now a healthy 42lbs. His natural instincts have finally kicked in and he is now chasing after rabbits & squirrels. We have 2 more weeks of basic obedience classes. He is doing great even though he is the youngest dog there. This fall/winter we are going to enroll in agility class. Next year we are shooting for the Canine Good Citizen Test so he can be a therapy dog. Seeing everyone's reaction when they see him (in addition to his reaction to others) combined with his great temperament makes us want to share the love and happiness he gives us with others. We went up to Wisconsin to Kristen's family's cabin for the 4th. We introduced Staley to the lake. He was still a little hesitant to go out on his own the 1st day but by the 2nd day he was running out to retrieve and kept going like the energizer bunny for the next 2 days. He loved it up there - got lots of attention and got to hang out with his favorite cousin goldendoodle as well as 5 other dogs in our cul-de-sac. Going back at the end of the month and will be introducing him to dock jumping. Here is a link to some recent pictures, including some great action shots from his swimming adventure as well as his first boat ride over Memorial Day. 





Matt & Kristen

April 23, 2010

Hi Debbie,


sorry it has taken me so long to send pictures of Gracie.  I am entirely at the mercy of others to take the shots. I hope these come through --I have copied them from Facebook.   As you can probably see in the pictures --Gracie has gotten quite big.  She is wonderful--incredible temperment and so smart.  We are having so much fun with her- she is a pleasure...not to compare BUT--the best of what we had with our Portie--just not as high maintenance! Do you still have any of Gracie's siblings?  Wish we could have  taken them all. 






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