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AussiDOG's Skye Blue "Sandy"

Say hello to a spectacular gift from Ellie and Harley. Skye is a solid small medium sized Australian Cobberdog with a silky fleece caramel coat and the most mesmerizing and expressive big amber/green/blue eyes and gorgeous dark brown liver pigment. It is because of this beauty we are doing a repeat with Ellie/Harley. She is athletic, light on her feet, and such a sweet, gentle and loving soul. She has incredible eye contact, is smart as a whip and oh so cuddly! She loves to be touched and is never too far away. Her ethereal eyes tell a story and she will capture your heart with just one single look. She enjoys the company of everyone including other animals of any type. Skye is the perfect Australian Cobberdog and we have yet to find a single fault in this special lady.

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