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Welcome to AussiDOG!

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Who we are...

We are a small home-based “boutique” breeder of Australian Cobberdogs : (widely known in the U.S. as Australian Labradoodle) based in the west suburbs of Chicago near the scenic Fox River community. This all started for us in 2005 first with our girl, Scout Josephine, bred from GlenEden’s American champion line in the U.S. and was quickly followed by our medium red boy, Tegan Alexander, with ancestry from the founding breeding facilities in Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, Australia where the breed started over 3 decades ago. Our dogs and pups have been given the best possible veterinary care and nutrition. We care about each and every puppy that has been or will be adopted, as if it were our own. We feel that our approach to integrate them fully with family and give lots of love and attention enables the best possible start. We hope you will continue this throughout their lives.

Whats new

What's new...

Ask us about our upcoming litters this Fall, minis to mediums expected in all colors!

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