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AussiDOG's Blue

Introducing Blue!! Blue is a super sweet and energetic little stud muffin with an obedient temperament. He loves to play, be held, or just be near you.  He is extremely observant to new things with a natural guard dog sense. He is a superb Australian Cobberdog with a red golden colored non shedding fleece coat, black pigment, and the most heartbreaking puppy eyes. He has a triple does of charisma and oozes with charm.  He loves to cuddle and bring his toys to you. His silly antics will be sure to put a smile on your face. He is a wonderful example of the Australian lines and we know he will easily make everyone he meets love him in an instant. He is a gift from our beloved Sydney and Copper. We are so blessed to have this little prince in our program.

Blue's pedigree - available upon request

Blue's photo gallery

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