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Bruzer is as handsome as they get and a milk chocolate hunk of a Cobberdog. Bruzer is 48lbs and 20" and thinks he is a lapdog! He is a stellar example of the Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) breed. He has super solid boning and has a fantastic milk chocolate buttery non shedding fleece coat, exceptional brown pigment, and magnificent big hazel human-like eyes that make you want to melt. Bruzer has a fabulous temperament and loves to snuggle on laps while watching TV. He adores being with people and other dogs. He is super playful and loves to stand on his hind legs and stretch his paws to give us "hugs". Bruzer is exceptionally smart and has learned many tricks. He loves children and is super gentle around them. He gives kisses, is extremely obedient and loves to be outside. Bruzer also loves the water and is a regular boater. Bruzer oozes with the "it" faction and is just all around perfection!

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