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AussiDog’s Dancing Queen “Ellie” (Retired)

We are so very excited about this addition to our program, introducing our Dancing Queen, call name Ellie. This sweet lady has perfect Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) lineage. She has a buttery soft curl fleece coat, beautiful big brown eyes and rose colored pigment. She stands at 20” tall and weighs 39lbs. She is the daughter of our sweet chocolate girl Leila and Ocean State’s handsome redheaded boy Levi. Ellie is loving and affectionate little lady that just loves cuddling and making sure she's always close to you. She likes playing catch and besides the word "treat", "outside" is her favorite word. She loves going for walks and, in the winter, just loves, loves, loves the snow. She has a lot of energy and enjoys being around other people and dogs. She is a fast learner and seems to understand everything when you talk to her and listens right away. Every time she goes for a walk Ellie is a social butterfly and turns heads wherever she goes. She is athletic and her favorite activity is walks. Ellie carries all the colors of the Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) rainbow and we are so anxious to see her babies! We know she will make a wonderful contribution to the Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) gene pool and we expect nothing less than perfection from our new little lady.

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