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AussiDOG's Kaya Maeve "Cupcake"

Please say hello to what quite possibly could be the cutest dog ever, our precious Kaya Maeve, call name "Cupcake". Kaya went viral when we posted her first photos and since then has retained her rock star status. Kaya is the daughter of our gentle Minnie and all around stud Copper and she is as perfect as it gets. She has a striking drop-dead gorgeous deep red non-shedding fleece coat, perfect black pigment, and soulful eyes beyond her years. At 10” and only 12lbs this micro mini princess steals the show wherever she goes. She is exceptionally smart, loves people and other dogs, and is full of energy. She actually watches select movies intensely and loves classical music. She has the looks from her Daddy, and kind soul of her Mother and has been blessed with the best from each parent. It is hard to believe perfection comes in such a small package! Kaya knows no strangers and is quite the socialite. She has the knack to put a smile on everyone’s face that she meets. We have no doubt the future puppies from Kaya will follow in her Momma’s footsteps and we cannot wait to meet them!

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