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AussiDog’s Golden Ticket "Ruby" (Retired)

Ohhh Ruby!  What a Gem!!! Ruby has a cream non-shedding fleece coat, beautiful big brown captivating eyes and a sweet brown nose. She weighs 21lbs and stands 16" tall.  When she is fully grown out she resembles a little polar bear! Ruby is part of a large family and she LOVES IT! Her interests and hobbies include running with the kids, playing fetch, traveling, and meeting new friends! (It doesn't matter if they have two legs or four) Her favorite toys are stuffed animals. She seems to have her favorites that she carries around the house with her to play and cuddle with. She is a LOVER! She is possibly the best CUDDLER EVER! Her favorite spot is the closest possible place to you as you watch a show or read a book. She is protective, nurturing, and loving and we are so blessed to have her!

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