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Ivy Hill Adonis at Ivy Hill - "Adonis"

Adonis is a mini dark apricot Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) stud that has it all. Health, coat, good-looks and charm. His coat is a non-shedding soft fleece in dark apricot and it is pretty hard to refuse those big brown eyes. Adonis has incredible health results; hips are PennHip 100% - .30/.32 which means that his hips are tighter than approximately 100% of all Cobberdogs (Labradoodles) tested. He passed all other tests with flying colors. On top of all that, he is a sweet, floppy mop that steals hearts and is the picture of equanimity. And he is wicked smart, friendly and obedient. If sweetness and serenity is your goal, this boy is it and he is all about equal opportunity.

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