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Sawyer is a traffic stopping kind of boy who you just can’t help but fall in love with. Sawyer is an Australian Cobberdog (Labradoodle) with a stunning red fleece coat with white markings on his head, face and chest that give him so much character. He has gorgeous hush puppy brown eyes, beautiful long eyelashes, and a face that simply doesn’t get any more yummy! Sawyer is a happy go lucky kind of guy with a fun and bubbly personality. He loves everyone he meets and hardly ever has bad day. Sawyer is the type of dog that wants to please. He is compliant, social, smart, and has just the right amount of everything to make him as close to perfection as perfection gets! It is hard to not to melt when you meet Sawyer wagging his little tail and gazing into your eyes for the first time.

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